The Business of Writing

You hone your poem into a masterpiece, and now it's ready to send out to the world.

  • • Where will you send it? How do you select the best places to present your work from thousands of literary markets?
  • • What do you need to know about copyright?
  • • How do you write a bio? A cover letter?
  • • What are the best tools to manage submissions?
  • • What about literary contests?
  • • How do you market yourself as a writer?

Through discussion, examples, and handouts to take home, participants in this workshop will gain the knowledge and skills to manage their written work and more effectively navigate the publishing world. Time will also be spent on the value of marketing your work, not by hiring a publicist, but by being an engaged member of the writing community and using standard publicity tools like print and social media.

Types of Instruction

Workshop: single or multiple sessions which may include instruction, writing exercises, and revision.

Class: single or multiple sessions with instruction, writing exercises, revision, and feedback.

Course: multiple session learning experience over time with direct instruction, writing exercises, revision, and feedback.

Launch and early facilitation of a Writers Group, a round table gathering of writers to share each other's writing and offer and receive feedback.

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